Welcome to the blog of the Gloucestershire cross-slab survey. Cross-slabs are a class of medieval stone grave markers which are decorated with a cross motif; they are most commonly found at churches and monastic sites, although some are held in museums. The survey aims to record all surviving medieval cross-slabs across Gloucestershire, compile a gazetteer database, and publish a corpus of Gloucestershire cross-slabs.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Quick trip south...

A visit to Bristol allowed a short detour to stop off at some of the most southerly churches in the study area:  Cold Ashton, Marshfield, West Littleton and Dyrham. No cross-slabs were found during the quick visit, but all four churches are worth a visit.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Medieval cross-slabs in Gloucestershire

This project will be recording medieval cross-slabs in Gloucestershire, cross-slabs are a relatively overlooked class of medieval funerary monument compared to the better known and often more magnificent effigy slabs and tombs, but what exactly are cross-slabs? Cross-slabs are essentially characterised by a central cross motif, although there is considerable variety in their style and decoration, and there is overlap with other types of monument.

Cross-slab with chalice from St Mary Edgeworth

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