Welcome to the blog of the Gloucestershire cross-slab survey. Cross-slabs are a class of medieval stone grave markers which are decorated with a cross motif; they are most commonly found at churches and monastic sites, although some are held in museums. The survey aims to record all surviving medieval cross-slabs across Gloucestershire, compile a gazetteer database, and publish a corpus of Gloucestershire cross-slabs.

Monday, 26 October 2015

No cross-slabs, but a very fine font....

No cross-slabs, but a trip to St Lawrence Sandhurst was still well worthwhile. The Romanesque lead font is now recorded, one of a set of six cast from the same mould to be found in Gloucestershire and dating from c1130-1140.

Read more at http://urban-archaeology.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/six-romanesque-lead-fonts-from.html

Friday, 16 October 2015

Getting ready....

Recent work has concentrated on gathering existing 'baseline' data before the fieldwork really starts in earnest. The Gloucester Diocese and A Church Near You have both kindly provided information on existing Church of England churches, this will form the core of a database of sites to visit -there are over 400 churches in Gloucestershire, although some are relatively modern, whilst others are redundant and not on these lists. Luckily we are starting with just the eastern part of the county, as covered in the 'Cotswolds' volume of the Buildings of England Series which has about half that number of churches. To this list will be added museums, archive stores and former monastic houses, all of which will need to be checked and potentially visited.